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Portrait of Vivian Pakkanen
I met Vivian through an introduction from my friend Andrea Miller who had invited her to dance in a restaging of one of her seminal works “Blush” at the Chelsea Factory. Andrea told me that I would enjoy creating portraits of Vivian and she was spot on!
Born and raised in central Finland, Vivian began her youthful artistic journey as a competition dancer, focused initially on jazz and moving in High School to Sport, and more commercial genres. She did her Batchelor’s in Contemporary Dance in Oslo, where she broadened her technical training and became enamored of Gaga and Graham technique. She graduated in 2019 and was offered a position in the Rambert 2 program in London which launched her career as a professional dancer, and it was there that she caught Andrea Miller’s eye.

I like to explore different avenues of artistic expression with my subjects – in the color and texture of the clothing, the mood and tone of the lighting and, most importantly, in the emotions expressed and felt.


Vivian, embraced each of those themes with calm, unself conscious, almost ethereal confidence – allowing her inner serenity, and the strength and breadth of her feelings to shine clearly and naturally.

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Movement in Color

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