Magical, Mystical,
Movement & Mood

Artist’s Statement about the Current Show

Welcome to the second gallery exhibition of my Dance Portraits series.

My first exhibition, titled “Passion”, was anchored on one central artistic goal: capturing the emotions, personality and sensibility of each subject – and creating those images only in black and white.

The current show, “Magical, Mystical, Movement and Mood”, builds on that foundation but has evolved in a number of new directions – into vibrant colour, deep and intimate duets, patterns and shapes, and into fun and fantastical body paint.

But at its heart all of my work remains deeply rooted in the core and personal emotions of each subject:

In their uninhibited passion
In the boldness and beauty of their physicality
In their intense, irrepressible, joy and artistry
In the poetry of the shapes they create with their bodies
In their humour, playfulness and desire to test boundaries

I am deeply grateful to each of my amazing collaborators in trusting me to create work that reveals their extraordinary, ideosynchratic personalities, passion and artistry. Without that trust these images would not exist.

The Flow of the Gallery Show

The Dance Portraits in this Gallery Show are organized into five broad themes:

Nudes – black on black background, and black on white background
Intimate Duets
Dynamic Movement in Colour
Patterns and Shapes
Body and Face Paint

There are only 2 to 3 images in the show in each of these themes, but each are part of a much larger series which you can explore either on my website here or individually with my gallery partner Alison Collins at the Iris Gallery.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed creating them!