Current Exhibition So Young An

Current Exhibition Portraits of So Young An So Young An is an exquisite and extraordinary artist. Born and raised in South Korea, she trained as a ballet dancer and was honored with the International Arts Award and the Grand Prize at the Korea National Ballet Grand Prix. She had an illustrious career dancing with the […]

Recent Exhibition Annie

Recent Exhibition Portrait of Annie Souder Annie Souder is a phenomenal, multi-faceted artist and individual.   She has consummate natural grace and poise.   She is bold, creative, and confident.   She is disciplined, determined and kind.   And, shining through in all dimensions, she is beautiful inside and out. My intention in creating this […]

Recent Exhibition Blakeley + Daniel

Portraits Blakeley White McGuire and Daniel Fetecua Soto: A Love Story I met Blakeley 10 years ago at Jacob’s Pillow; she was dancing the “Chosen One” in Martha Graham’s Rite of Spring, and I was taking my first dance photography workshop. Since then, I have photographed her numerous times; in the theater, the Graham Studio, […]

Recent Exhibition Emily Sarkissian

Recent Exhibition Portrait of Emily Sarkissian For most dancers, dance is much much more than a profession or an expression of their artistry. It is part of their DNA; sitting at the core of their emotional, physical, and mental well-being. They dance because they must. They dance to share, to feel, to breath and to […]

Recent Exhibition Issa Perez & Cain Coleman

Current Exhibition The Dragon Sisters: Issa Perez & Cain Coleman I met Issa Perez while I was photographing Andrea Miller’s company Gallim at the Joyce Theater and was immediately beguiled by the power of the duet he performed.   I invited him to work with me in my studio and he asked if he could […]

Recent Exhibition Jessica

Recent Exhibition Portrait of Jessica Sgambelluri   I have known Jessica for several years now, photographing her frequently in the theatre performing with the Limon Dance Company, and for a portrait shoot three years ago in my studio. Jessica shoot process Jessica is an extraordinary and delightful artist and I have watched her grow personally […]

Recent Exhibition Jie-Hung

Recent Exhibition Portrait of Jie-Hung Connie Shiau Jie-Hung Shiau, also known as Connie, is an artist possessing exceptional power, purity of expression, and deep and delicate sensibility. Raised in Taiwan from the age of 1 (but born in Florida), Connie was originally trained in the rigor of the ballet program of the Taipei National University […]

Recent Exhibition Kevin Pajarillaga

Recent Exhibition Portrait of Kevin Pajarillaga Born to a Filipino American family and raised in the suburbs of Washington DC, Kevin’s journey as an artist began, not in ballet like many artists, but in hip-hop and tap in high school, evolving from that early passion into the extraordinary modern dancer that he is today. I […]

Recent Exhibition Marla Phelan

Current Exhibition Portrait of Marla Phelan I met Marla while I was photographing the Gibney Dance Company where she performs and creates as an Artistic Associate. I was immediately impressed by the strength, sensitivity and complexity of her artistic sensibility – and was delighted when she agreed to work with me on this portrait series. […]

Recent Exhibition Misa Kinno Lucyshyn

Recent Exhibition Portrait of Misa Kinno Lucyshyn Born in Eugene Oregon and brought up in Vancouver British Columbia, Misa started dance classes when she was 8 years old at the school of the modern ballet company Arts Umbrella Dance. She continued with the school through high school and graduated from the Vancouver CC/AU Dance Program. […]

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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

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