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Portrait of Jessica Sgambelluri

I have known Jessica for several years now, photographing her frequently in the theatre performing with the Limon Dance Company, and for a portrait shoot three years ago in my studio.

Jessica is an extraordinary and delightful artist and I have watched her grow personally and professionally over the past 4 years.

My intent in this portrait shoot was to build on the work that we had created together three years ago – to explore how she had grown, and how the pandemic had influenced that growth and evolution.

Every professional dancer begins their training and early career with an intensity and drive that underlies everything they do, and Jessica is no exception. But over time that translates into a much more idiosyncratic artistic sensibility, and I wanted to explore and reveal how that has developed for her.

Jessica has a magnetic, powerful sensuality which combines beautifully with her humor and natural sensitivity and openness. Three years after my first portraits of her, those qualities still shine through powerfully – but it is also clear how she has grown in confidence and depth personally and artistically.

The images presented in this Exhibit are the result of that exploration.

Four images of her ethereal, soft sensibility and sensuality, individual portraits where her confidence and humor shine bright, and two of her in paint.

The portraits in paint are part of a series – which you can see in the gallery site series – that I have been working on for years. In each case, I give the subjects black and white theatrical paint and ask them to use it to express themselves. No more direction than that.

Jessica Shoot Process​

Behind the scenes

I hope you’ll agree that the two portraits of Jessica in paint – which was her own creation – amplify and accentuate her beautiful and very personal artistry; and were a great way to finish the shoot.

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