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Portrait of Misa Kinno Lucyshyn

Born in Eugene Oregon and brought up in Vancouver British Columbia, Misa started dance classes when she was 8 years old at the school of the modern ballet company Arts Umbrella Dance. She continued with the school through high school and graduated from the Vancouver CC/AU Dance Program.

Her first professional experience came with the extraordinary Sidra Bell Dance New York where she danced for 5 years, before joining Gallim Dance in 2000. She is currently studying at Columbia University for a degree in psychology, and intends to pursue a masters after that – while continuing to dance when she can fit it into her academic schedule.

Misa is a fabulous and fascinating mixture of passion, untamed and unbound artistry, and inquiring intelligence.

She told me that when she was at Arts Umbrella she learned “how to be an open and dynamic energy in the room” and that when she went to Sidra Bell “she embraced being wild and always following her impulses”.

She also said that “while she has a good sense of the boundaries and limits of her physicality, she does not like to constrain them with form” – and that she is feeling closer to understanding her personal definition of virtuosity and being able to more clearly define her own artistic voice.

My intent in creating these portraits of Misa was to reveal and explore that complexity – to embrace her wildness, her physicality and sensitivity, and her growing personal maturity.

And in that process, the breadth, depth and complexity of Misa’s artistry and feelings were expressed with almost overwhelming power.

Her emotions flow, as she self described, without constraints – while physically she has literally punctuated those feelings with body tattoos of shapes and words – most of which she tattooed herself.
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