Fine Art Portraiture

drawn with a lens

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Art reveals the emotional core that defines and binds together our humanity. It is this that drives me as a photographer.

Current Work

Portrait of So Young An

The inspiration behind this portrait series was sparked by a presentation I attended at the NY Public Library where Kim Jones, a former Graham dancer and now professor of dance at UNC Charlotte, worked with So Young and a Korean musician Vong to recreate/reimagine the dance of the Korean dancer Choi Seung-hee.

So Young An

A Special Body of Work

Landscape Portraits: Patagonia

Parque Nacional Los Glacieres
Parque Nacional Los Glacieres

My landscape and seascape work is anchored in the beauty and almost miraculous abstraction of nature’s shapes and colors; and in the purity of form and the poetic power of the emotions that they evoke.

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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Exhibition Gallery
Movement in Color

Movement in B&W

Expressions in Paint
Intimate Duets
Nude Portraiture