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Portrait of Kevin Pajarillaga
Born to a Filipino American family and raised in the suburbs of Washington DC, Kevin’s journey as an artist began, not in ballet like many artists, but in hip-hop and tap in high school, evolving from that early passion into the extraordinary modern dancer that he is today.

I met Kevin for lunch before our work in my studio and my first impression of him was of a gentle, sensitive and open young man, a quiet and committed artist.


But I had also seen him perform with the Gibney Company at the Joyce Theater the previous week, and the artist that I had seen on stage was by no means unassuming. Sensitive yes, but also transmitting extraordinary intensity – almost a feral power – raw, passionate and very physical.

Working with him in my studio, the complexity and breadth of his emotional range became quickly evident – calm and almost ethereal as we began, leaning in and absorbing the tranquility of the light and music, and building with emotional power progressively as the shoot progressed.

I also asked him to use body paint and create his own personal artistic statement. As you will see the results were amazing – channeling his deep, irrepressible sensibility with almost primeval power.
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Movement in Color

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